Laravel eloquent scope: Efficient geographic queries in MySQL

Published 21 September 2023 14:30 (1-minute read)

Searching a table in MySQL based on latitude and longitude columns. But how do you make this as efficient as possible?

So, Aaron Francis from PlanetScale made a video about this:

Here is the scope you can use in your Laravel application:

public function scopeDistanceSphere($query, $lat, $lng, $radiusInMeter = 100)
  // Approx 1 meter in coordinates
  $offsetOneMeter = 0.000111;

  // Calculate radius with offset for the boundary box
  $radiusOffset = ($radiusInMeter * $offsetOneMeter) + $offsetOneMeter;

  // Set boundary box points
  $latOffsetMinus = $lat - $radiusOffset;
  $latOffsetPlus = $lat + $radiusOffset;
  $lngOffsetMinus = $lng - $radiusOffset;
  $lngOffsetPlus = $lng + $radiusOffset;

  return $query
      ->whereBetween('lat', [$latOffsetMinus, $latOffsetPlus])
      ->whereBetween('lng', [$lngOffsetMinus, $lngOffsetPlus])
              point($lng, $lat),
              point(lng, lat)
          ) > $radiusInMeter

Thanks to my colleague Coen de Rijter, for making this scope.

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