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View your Chrome User Experience Report

Want to see how Google Chrome users experience your website? With this tool you can view the CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report) as collected by Google using BigQuery.

This data is only collected from Chrome browsers, for a complete real user monitoring overview you could use an external tool.

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We will get the Chrome User Experience Report data using Google BigQuery. This data may vary each day and is only updated once a day.

When your site doesn't have enough data it won't be possible to view your report.

Frequently asked questions

This tool is created to check your Chrome User Experience Report (in short, CrUX) easily. The tool will be updated frequently to support the latest changes in the Web Vitals.

How often do the CrUX results change?

Every day the CrUX report will be updated, this means that the results are not changing every hour. If you want to view real-time data, you can use an external tool for real user monitoring.

Is CrUX used in Google's ranking factors?

Yes, in May 2021 Google will use the CrUX report as a ranking factor in their search results for organic and ads (as planned). Want to learn more, take a look at Core Web Vitals will become part of Ranking Factor.

How can I improve the user experience of my website?

User Experience can be improved in many ways. The easiest way to test it by yourself is via Lighthouse, this can be done using the Chrome browser or by visiting measure tool.

Besides testing your page before showing it to other users, I recommend to monitoring the user experience via a tool (real user monitoring tools).